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About Pankhudi

PANKHUDI, the public charitable & social Society has been formed with noble intention to serve the community especially children, women, and elderly people by creating awareness about their immediate environment, general health, and education. We believe that the desired society can be made by educating the mothers as the first school of the child is his own home and his first teachers or educators are his/her parents and elders. If a child is grown up by given the desired inputs, he/she will make the society that everybody wants. Keeping these principles in mind, PANKHUDI was established. We have dedicated ourselves to work not only in the rural and tribal areas but also to the far-flung areas of the country to attract the dropout students towards schools. Our main focus is to ensure the protection of our immediate environment, the spread of education, awareness about general health and women empowerment, and also proper use of natural resources.

PANKHUDI wants to provide social services to all communities particularly to children, women, elderly people, and tribal to promote educational, economical, psychological, health, social and cultural heritage of the people of India through providing education, by setting up institutions, training, and workshop centers and also to work for children welfare, protect environment, rural development, spread health care service, for the improvement and upliftment of minorities, schedule caste, scheduled tribes, and backward ethnic classes through appropriate education and cultural integration to create equal opportunity, remove illiteracy by introducing education system, to create awareness of human rights to avoid human rights violations, and also to provide training facilities to the farmers, unemployed youth, village artisans, and traditional artists.

Who We Are

PANKHUDI is a non-profit voluntary organisation of an enthusiastic core team of young social workers dedicated to working for the welfare and empowerment of underprivileged and tribal women, children, and elderly people and to make their immediate environment better

What We Do

PANKHUDI is dedicated to working for the most vulnerable strata of the society i.e. children, women and the elderly by creating tailor-made programmes on health and hygiene awareness, environment awareness, vocational training programmes in the far-flung and tribal areas of the country.