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PANKHUDI is a firm believer that the first school of the child is home and the first teachers are his/her parents and elders. If we want to improve the society, we have to start from the single unit of home and we’ll get the desired result.

Who We Are

PANKHUDI is a non-profit voluntary organisation of an enthusiastic core team of young social workers dedicated to work for the welfare and empowerment of underprivileged and tribal women, children and elderly people and to make their immediate environment better

What We Do

PANKHUDI is dedicated to work for the most vulnerable strata of the society i.e. children, women and elderly by creating tailor made programmes on health and hygiene awareness, environment awareness, vocational training programmes in the far flung and tribal areas of the country

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Success Stories

Initiatives like ours derive inspiration when the beneficiaries get a direction to move ahead in life and are empowered to carve their own niche in the world of immense possibilities. Some stories to make you smile.

Environment Awareness

A unique way to promote environment awareness is to inculcate a feeling of togetherness with the immediate surrounding

Tree Planatation

Planting a sapling: Trees are just like our parents which give us food, clothing, home, fresh air and water... and what not

Women Empowerment

Edcation is the key to all locks and schools are the best place to unlock that potential of a children and give them perfection

Edcation Awareness

Tribal and far flung areas are often devoid of the basic facilities & Free Health Check up Camps are best way to address the issue

Health Awareness

Conservation of traditional culture, knowlege and heritage is of paramount importance and is the focal point of our functioning

Health Camp

Empowering the women is the first step towards the equality of the women and vocational training helps achieve the goal